СAccording to the agreement for funding contract № BG-RRP-3.005-5529-C01, MS INDUSTRY Ltd. is executing the initiative “Solutions within the domain of IT and cybersecurity in small and mid-sized businesses” financed under protocol BG-RRP-3.005 “Solutions within the realm of IT and cybersecurity in small and medium-sized enterprises” of the National Recovery and Sustainability Strategy.
The primary goal of the initiative is to expedite the shift towards economic digitalization by furnishing funding for the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) and solutions, thereby bolstering the level of digitalization among small and medium-sized enterprisesm(SMEs).
Final recipient: MS INDUSTRY Ltd.

Total cost: 20 000лв., от които 20 000лв. безвъзмездно финансиране.

Start date: 02.06.2023г.
End: 02.06.2024г.